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ENERGY ANALYSIS: Understanding the "feel" of a space

Taking stock of the energy of any space, be it that of a house you are thiking of purchasing or the space where you currently reside, is a good idea in general. Just as you do a walkthrough to look at the phsycial state of things, you can perform a similar exercise and find out how the space feels to you. Whether you believe in spiritual, psychic, or other energies actually does not matter; what you're discovering isn't what is or isn't, or why, but rather what your perceptions of the space are.

Even if your intended result is a clearing of the space, it's best to have a sense of what is already there first. Energy analysis, especially in concert with spatial/spiritual analysis techniques such as Feng Shui or other energy systems can help you to find not just negative areas that need to be cleared, but positive and strong areas that can be tapped and nourished.

At its most basic level, sensing energies doesn't require special abilities or talents, merely a willingness to really think about how you are feeling, both mentally and physically. The actual sensation or feeling involved is different for each person: some people say they feel a sense of heat or cold, others a tingling sensation, still others an almost inaudible sound. There are people who see energies as color or auras, with different emotions registering as differing shades and/or brightnesses. The mechanics will be different for each person.

As with any kind of test or analysis, it's best to "run a baseline" first — merely take a moment before you begin and get a sense of how you're feeling both physically and otherwise. Are you hot, cold, excited, nervous, calm, stressed, relaxed... you get the idea. Because what you're going to need to pay attention to as you move through the space are changes in how you feel. Bring something to jot notes on as you pass through the rooms, and try to be as detailed as possible without letting your focus shift from what you are feeling to what you are writing (this may be harder than it sounds).

One thing to keep in mind is that it's hard to get a read on just the space you're in when there are other things occupying that space. Furniture, decoratios, other people, all these can influence what and how you feel. If, as you move through the house or rooms, you do find an area where you feel something, be it positive, negative, or unclear, it's a good idea to return to that space to confirm the feeling.

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There are certain points in the home-buying process where no matter you feel about it, someone else will be making a decision for you.

How big a mortgage you can afford, what houses are actually on the market, the state of the neighborhoods you're looking at — none of those things are really within your control.

But even when you don't have control, what you can have is just as important: information. The more you know and understand about the process, the more power you have over the decisions you can control.

And the more you will be able to balance what you know with how you feel about those decisions, and to make informed decisions that are correct for you.