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The following tips for successful house/energy cleansings are drawn from many different systems. As with any spiritual endeavor, the important thing is to find the way that works for you as an individual, to find what feels right.

Cleansing the energy of your home can be done by yourself or by a professional energy/faith/spirit worker. You can cleanse one room at a time or the whole house at once, and you can do it as often as you like or need. It's not a bad idea to do a thorough cleansing a few times a year, possibly as part of your usual Spring and Fall cleanings. A great way to start is to perform an Energy Analysis first.

Step 1: DE-CLUTTER: If your space is cluttered, messy, and disorganized, it's no surprise if your energy and life follow suit. The "Three R's" are a great help in the de-cluttering process: remove what you don't need; repair what doesn't work; and replace what you can't repair.

Remember that de-cluttering is more than just stuffing everything into a closet and forgetting about it. De-cluttering is about taking stock of what you have, what you need, and what you want — in your life as well as your house. Holding on to possessions isn't necessarily a bad thing, but be aware of why they are important to you and worth keeping around. Possess your belongings; don't let them possess you.

Step 2: CLEAN: Once your space is de-cluttered and organized, clean it. And not just the usual dusting, vacuuming and whatnot. Clean it like you mean it. In many ways house cleansing is symbolic: you're not just clearing the cobwebs out of that hard-to-reach corner under the plant stand, you're clearing the cobwebs out of your life.

Top to bottom, clean everything — dust ceiling fan blades, wipe down the baseboards, clean windows and window-sills thoroughly. If possible, use cleaning products that are as natural as possible, and as you work, focus your intent with thoughts of drawing in and creating positive energy (visualize bright white light) and driving out/washing away negative energies.

Step 3: PURIFY: Once things are clean, purify every possible surface, using the powers of the elements to help you. Open the windows, let fresh light and air in to literally clear the air. Sprinkle an earthy mixture of baking soda, lavender, and salt on carpets and then vacuum. Wash down (or just symbolically sprinkle or spray) walls and floors with a solution of saltwater or water that has been infused with purifying herbs (Rue, Hyssop and Witch Hazel are all good choices). Go through every room and smudge the air with sage (sage and other herbs such as lavender or sweetgrass also work well). As you purfiy, continue to focus your intent and visualize positive energy.

When smudging, be careful with any open flames and watch for sparks. Smudge safely!

Many traditions also believe that sound is an important tool in cleansing. As the saying goes, "make a joyful noise:" a drum (use the bottom of a pot if you don't have one), a rattle, even playing a song on the stereo that makes you feel alive and energetic (feel free to sing along), all these will help create sound vibrations and sensations that help drive out negative energies.

Step 4: ENJOY: Once you have cleansed your home, let yourself feel the effects. Take a long hot bath or shower (use soothing herbs in the bathwater or a few drops of essential oils). As you're drying off, visualize yourself bathed in the same white light you imagined filling your home as you cleansed. Put on your most comfortable clothes, make a soothing drink, and find a place in the house that akes you feel warm and relaxed. Sit and look around (medtate if you so choose), and let yurself feel and share in the new, positive energy surrounding you.



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