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FENG SHUI IN THE HOME: Kitchens, Baths, Bedrooms

The combined Feng Shui of the kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom is indicative of the family's general Health. Pay close attention to the "feel" of these rooms and adjust accordingly.

KITCHEN: Perhaps because of its associations with family and sustenance, Feng Shui considers the kitchen to be the "heart" of a home. Ruled by the Fire element, the energy of the kitchen reflects the Wealth & Prosperity energy of the family as a whole.

Because the kitchen contains a sink and refrigerator (Water element), it is important to balance the energies between Fire and Water in this space and allow the Fire energy to prosper and thrive. Placing a crystal over the sink or small mirror over the stove can help balance the energies.

BATHROOM: Bright, natural light and Wood energy (think plants) are important to minimize the draining effect sinks, tubs, and toilets can impart on Chi energy. Mirrors increase positive Water energy and help bring harmony and balance to the space.

BEDROOM: A true balance of Yin and Yang energies is an important goal for any bedroom space, to balance the need for peace and rest with the ability to wake energized and ready to face the day. This balance can be achieved by ensuring that all five Feng Shui elements are adequately represented in the space.

Additionally, bed placement is important for directing the flow of Chi. A window located directly behind the head of the bed is a drain on Chi, and should be avoided.

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