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And no, we're not talking about Gas, or Solar, or Oil...

Every space has a "natural" energy. Some call it "Chi" or "Spiritual Energy" or ascribe it to Angels or Ley Lines, but if you've ever entered a place and felt something a sudden emotion (happiness, sadness, fear, etc.) or sensation (heat, cold) then you've felt it. Every place, man-made or natural, has this innate energy. And some believe that several factors can influence this energy, make it positive or negative, help or hinder its flow.

No matter your belief system, it's hard to deny such feelings exist. It's a known fact that color influences mood - designers have spent years researching exactly how different colors effect our feelings and decisions. And you can find study after study explaining the physical and mental effects that the amount of sunlight in a room creates. Subtle energies abound in our lives, and our homes are filled with them.

Is your home a refuge from the world? When you walk in, are you happier than you were a moment before? Are there rooms in your house where you just feel tired or stressed? The information in this section may help explain how to change your surroundings to reflect who, and how, you are.

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Throughout history, humans have tried to analyze and make sense of the world around us, and how it makes us feel.

From Architecture and Building Design through Spiritual Space Cleansings, different ideas and methods have been developed through the years by different cultures to address the energies that flow through our homes and around us.

You don't have to believe in paranormal spirit residue or evil emanations to recognize that burning a sage leaf will make your house smell better, or to believe in the Bagua of Feng Shui to recognize that de-cluttering your space will make it, and you, feel less cramped and stressful.

Our sections on Feng Shui for Homes/Landscaping and Energy Cleansing offer practical tips and advice on how small changes can often produce great results.