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Home and Landscape applications

Whether you analyze a Bagua diagram and make adjustments to weaken the Fire element on the North side of the house, or just think putting that round silver mirror on the other side of the wall in your home office makes the room feel better, applying Feng Shui comes down to making your home a place of balanced energy where you feel safe, energized, and happy.

As this is meant to be an overview (see our Resource section below for more in-depth material and sources), the following are some fast and relatively easy "Feng Shui Cures" for common home and landscaping problems.

GENERAL: When addressing the energy of your living space one of the most important things to do for good Feng Shui (and in general, as well) is to clear out as much clutter as possible. Cluttered spaces block the natural flow of Chi, and can easily lead to feelings of stress.

A good general method is to look at the objects around you and remember the "Three R's:" look for unneeded objects and Remove them; look for broken objects and Repair them; and if they cannot be repaired and are necessary, Replace them. Surrounding yourself with useful items that function properly gives life and use to your space, and enhances the flow of positive Chi.

FRONT DOOR: Doors are very important elements from a Feng Shui viewpoint, the front door in particular as an entryway for Chi energy flowing in from outside. Bright natural lighting and water element objects (fountains, mirrors) can help to create a welcoming area for both people and energy.

The flow of energy from the front door to the back is also important the goal is to have Chi circulate freely through all areas of the house, not to flow in one door and straight out the other. Potted plants, small tables, or screens can be used to increase the diffusion of Chi.

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